Sovereign Grace Church is a Reformed & Charismatic Baptist congregation located in Fort Worth, TX.

Sovereign Grace Church

Sovereign Grace Church is no longer meeting. This site is being left up so that you might benefit from the sermons.

In Christ,

Sovereign Grace Church believes in the sovereignty of God over all things and that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available and needed for the Church today. We believe that all people were born to worship God and that He deserves this worship and praise! We invite you to come and worship God with us.

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Does God Want His Children to Suffer?

Does God Want His Children to Suffer?

2 Cor. 12:7-10
So to keep me from becoming proud, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from Satan to torment me and keep me from becoming proud.

The Life of Pi

I saw the movie "The Life of Pi" last night. I thought it was a movie about a guy who owned a zoo and got shipwrecked on a boat with a tiger. What I found after having watched the movie is that it is about a fellow in a boat with a tiger on the ocean, but it is really about a view of God that is rampant over the entire world today.

The movie teaches that there are many ways to get to know God. The main character, Pi, says that he first got to know God through Hinduism. Next, he got to know God through Jesus Christ. After that he got to know God better yet through Islam.

Beathing Air from Around the Throne Room of God

I just finished reading the excellent and challenging book, "In Light of Eternity", which is a biography of Leonard Ravenhill. Do not read this book if you want to remain stale in your Christian life. One man in the book described Ravenhill as a man who breathed the air from the throne room of God! O God, help me be that kind of man.

Joyfully in Jesus,

A Successful Life

Steve Jobs just died. I do not know if he became a Christian before he died. I hope so. I believe that we can learn from his life and death in either case. I want to pose a question. Did he live a successful life?

Steve Jobs was successful by every standard that this world might use to measure success. He helped start a company that changed the technology of the world. He helped develop and bring to market devices that change the way we talk on the phone, listen to music, and access the internet. He was wealthy. He was a great speaker and had a charismatic personality.

What is Discipleship?

Many churches talk about discipleship, but what is discipleship? In a nutshell, discipleship is a process where we each help one another grow more like Jesus Christ. Discipleship is about living life together. The Bible says that Jesus chose 12 men that they might be with Him, watching Him as He lived life. The best way to learn the Christian life is by observation.

Therefore, discipleship involves the following items (at a minimum):
1. Time together
2. Openness and accountability
3. Scripture study and prayer together

The Heart Exposed on Facebook

I have seen many people who claim the name of Jesus Christ, portray themselves as Christian, but their Facebook posts portray a different master. They say with their lips that they are God's children and that their lives revolve around Him, however, none of their posts show Him as their increasing passion. This is so dangerous. If Jesus is not your main joy in life, you may be deceived about your salvation (Matt. 7:21-23). When you think that you are close to God, He really will say to you, "I don't know you.

Idolatry of the Heart

I am reading a book by Elyse Fitzpatrick called, "Idols of the Heart." It is an insightful book that God is using to show me my heart, which truly is a "factory of idols" as John Calvin said so long ago. As I read about Rachel and her longing after other gods, I found myself in the same situation. What do I look to for joy and security that is not God? What do I cry out for, "Give me this or I will die!"

Pneumonia and the Love of God

I got pneumonia this week. I was as sick as I have ever been in my life. I had chills one moment with uncontrollable shakes. The next moment, I was sweating and too hot. It was pretty miserable. My family was sick, too. Everything seemed okay until Angela got sick. I had to leave town for my grandma's funeral. Then, to show us His great love, God moved the hearts of our church family and you all showed us such great care, concern, and love. In being sick, God showed us His love.

Hidden In Christ,